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If you are considering repairing your concrete sidewalk or walkway because it’s sunken, uneven, or cracked, turn to Raleigh Concrete Repair. We will repair your sidewalk by leveling and fixing the concrete and making the base underneath sturdy once again, rather than tearing out and replacing the entire sidewalk.

Sunken and broken concrete worsens with each season, as the concrete slab collects water which results in soil erosion between the slabs and underneath as well. The freeze and thaw of the winter months year after year is enough to move an crack entire concrete sidewalk due to expanding and contracting the earth beneath.

Speaking of winter months, one killer of concrete is ice chemicals. They are well marketed on TV and in stores, but many of those chemicals erode concrete over time, needing premature repairs to what was one a nice concrete sidewalk. We will be happy to recommend a brand that is concrete friendly if you would like.

Uneven sidewalks present a big concrete nuisance for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, when you hire Raleigh Concrete Repair, even many problem sidewalks in one location are typically a straightforward, one day fix, as well as affordable.

Our concrete sidewalk repair is usually a fraction of the cost of tearing it out and replacing it which makes it a popular choice for many of our clients. We provide efficient repair services and the highest quality concrete sidewalk repair in Raleigh that in most cases can be used right after the repair is complete and you are satisfied.

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