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Homeowners can determine concrete foundation problems from cracks on either the foundation wall or on the basement floor. These cracks are typically due to shrinkage from drying, thermal movement, or other natural causes such as earthquakes. Foundation cracks can get worse over time and result in a wet basement or even more severe structural problems. Foundation cracks and basement floor cracks are not only ugly, but they may lead to more severe issues while lowering the value of the home.

There are many methods for the repair of settled and cracked foundations. Correctly repairing these foundation problems is critical due to the effects of their severity if left alone. Raleigh Concrete Repair will assess your foundation and provide the best and most economical solution for your particular situation.

Fortunately, we have an easy way to permanently repair foundation cracks without needing costly and disruptive excavation or drain tile installation. Poured foundation cracks are many times repaired with a two-step Epoxy/Urethane injection.

The Epoxy paste is injected into ports every 6" from top to bottom of a foundation crack to bridge the surface of the crack itself, and then urethane is injected into each port, which then expands to fill the entire crack from top to bottom, which fills the whole void and provides a strong and solid repair.

Ignoring these repairs can put you and your family in harm’s way. So if you noticed a small crack in your foundation today, call today and let the experts at Raleigh Concrete Repair assess the damage and discuss with you the best and most safe way to fix the crack.

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